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Minutes just after using the baby when you look at the, Ryan Chappelle spotted their and purchased Chloe in order to «treat it» otherwise log off

Minutes just after using the baby when you look at the, Ryan Chappelle spotted their and purchased Chloe in order to «treat it» otherwise log off

Later on at night, Angela’s babysitter got a family group disaster and you can lead the infant so you’re able to CTU, in which Chloe is actually forced to handle it facing controls. She had Kim look after this lady for a while, lying very first it was her very own child and then one they belonged so you can a friend trying to ensure that it it is out of a keen abusive sweetheart. For another time, Chloe stalled and you can refused to give Chappelle whose it was; Chappelle named «pm-pm» , «1:00am-2:00am» )

While you are Nina Myers was being transported back once again to La, she tricked Jack Bauer towards contacting a telephone number, supposedly Marcus Alvers’, and this triggered a dormant desktop worm during the CTU’s servers one to endangered to expose CTU safeguards agents around the world. At the last minute, Chloe effectively devised a means of restarting CTU’s systems and you can purging the bbwdatefinder log in worm on the community, damaging Nina’s bid to find the woman freedom. ( «pm-1:00pm» )

Immediately after a purpose to capture Stephen Saunders during the his safer house hit a brick wall, Chloe learned that people got tampered that have satellite imagery covering that position toward strengthening. When you are examining after that, she is actually hampered and eventually closed into the an area of the Tony Almeida, who was simply getting manipulated to greatly help Saunders in order to save Michelle Dessler’s life. ( «8:00am-9:00am» )

In the late occasions of your early morning, Chloe helped on energy to get lastly capture Saunders, and therefore the past courier of one’s Cordilla malware into the Los angeles Location. ( «am-pm» )

Objective in Alaska [ ]

Chloe are sent into an objective so you can Alaska that have Jack Bauer to aid avoid some Russian terrorists, provided by the Oleg Malenov, out of opening a trojan who damage wireless correspondence. The girl computers skills been successful and you can she managed to combat the herpes virus when you find yourself Jack and CTU Alaska community representative Amy Seelaki took off Malenov with his guys. ( Cool Fighters )

Go out 4 [ ]

Chloe was one of the few employees to stay within CTU La after its relocation and change in frontrunners less than Erin Driscoll. At the beginning of Big date cuatro, Chloe intercepted chatter indicating a forthcoming violent assault at 8:00am, and you may subsequently acquired a stressing suggestion away from this lady former classmate Andrew Paige regarding a possible cyber-assault. Brushed out by the Driscoll, Chloe considered Jack Bauer, seeing on behalf of the Institution away from Coverage, getting assist. Following kidnapping out of Secretary out of Security James Heller, Chloe has worked to track down guides towards terrorists in control, if you find yourself covertly enabling Jack go after the guy who had abducted Paige. She are greatly distraught when the terrorists beat and you may almost shot Paige dead, and you can are disturb having Jack having 1st refusing to assist, but offered to remain providing him up against sales. Even with Jack’s accomplishments in the arena, Chloe was honestly reprimanded getting disobeying Driscoll’s orders, and you can offered to end up being disregarded about agency instead of deal with violent prosecution. She remaining work around am.

Later on later in the day, pretending director Michelle Dessler titled Chloe back in, since the she needed as many competent analysts once the was available for the constant crisis. From this point, she got certain minutes with friend and you may fellow CTU worker Edgar Stiles. Eventually prior to 2am, Chloe was ordered to visit away into the community in order to access research. She appeared around assault by an effective hitman sent from the Robert Morrison so you’re able to destroy informant Nabilla Al-Jamil. She try forced to take the assailant in order to passing. She and additionally helped when you look at the searching for the fresh missile planning to struck La. Chloe rapidly received Michelle’s believe and you will helped the girl in helping Jack bogus their passing at the end of the day.

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